PopSlice Features. Love at first site.

PopSlice Features That You'll Love. Including customized colors and fonts and easily adding sections.Showing off has never been easier. Updating your website should be a no-brain affair. With PopSlice, quickly add pages or sections, upload and manage images, customize colors or fonts. We work really hard to make it simple for you to update your site.

Start with a theme right for you. PopSlice makes it easy for you to jump into a layout and add pages or sections as needed.

Image of our Setting Page.

Customize your site's look. Choose custom fonts and colors, add a background image. Really make the site your own.


Image of our color picker

Easy Does It Editor. No code monkey-ness needed. If you can use a word editor you can quickly jump in and start editing your PopSlice site.



Image of our easy to use editor

Image Manager Magic. Warning: effortless simplicity in play here. Intuitively add images and descriptions. Drop-and-drag functionality.