Frequently Asked Questions.
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1. General Questions
2. Peace of Mind
3. Design & Code


1. General Questions ::

How do I login to edit my site?
Just go to yourname.popslice.com/login to reach your Log-In page. This link is also provided in the welcome email.

Can I try PopSlice for free?
Yes. You can try PopSlice free for 15 days. Fully featured.

Do you need my credit card info for me to try PopSlice?
No. You can take PopSlice out for a spin with no credit card information.

How much does PopSlice cost?
We have two pricing plans: Pro Monthly for $9.99 a month, and Pro Yearly for $99 a year. For detailed information on features for the plans, please see our Plans page. (We also have a Small Business plan starting at $599. Contact us for more information on this plan).

What credit cards or payment methods do you take?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card.

How easy is it to update my site?
It's super simple to update your PopSlice site. If you can handle a text editor, you can handle PopSlice. For advanced users, there is also the ability to add custom code, integrate a Twitter feed, incorporate TypeKit fonts, and more. Please see our Support site for more information.

Can I cancel PopSlice at any time?
Go ahead and break our hearts. But yes, you can cancel at anytime. We won't hold it against you. Really.

What happens if I forget my password?
In your Login screen, click on "Forget Password." We will then send you a temporary password.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?
But of course! Monetary generosity is always encouraged.

What browsers will PopSlice work on?
PopSlice works on all standards-compliant modern browsers: Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. You can edit your site with recent versions of Internet Explorer as well, although the other browsers are more reliable and recommended for the editing experience. Your public facing website is fully accessible in all browser types, including mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Can I have a unique domain name or use my existing domain name?
Yes you can.  In fact, we now provide free domain mapping assistance if you buy the Pro Yearly Plan. For more detailed information on how to map a domain to your Pro Plan site, please visit our Support page.

Robots don't like me. Do you have a fresh supply of humans that I can talk to about PopSlice?
It's a good thing we fired the robots! Yes, we have warm-to-the-touch humans to help explain our plans. Email us here, and we'll set up a time at your convenience.

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2. Peace of Mind ::

How secure is my PopSlice site?
We take your security seriously. PopSlice is hosted on Rackspace. One of the industry leaders in cloud hosting.

Do you share my email with anyone?
Never. That would be below evil.

I'm worried about spam. How does PopSlice help prevent spam?
We use Captcha. The Fort Knox of spam protection.

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3. Design & Code ::

Do I need to install software to use PopSlice?
Not at all. PopSlice works in your browser.

Do I need to know how to code to use PopSlice?
Negative. We've taken the pain out of having to know how to code.

But if I want to, can I add custom code to my site?
Yes. Bring on your code monkey-ness.

Can I use a web designer to design my site?
Are they union? Yes. Of course you can.

Can I change my site after publishing it live?
Yes you can. We built PopSlice to be flexible.

What type of images can I upload to PopSlice?

What's the largest size image that I can upload?
1.2 MG for now. As storage costs become cheaper, we'll keep increasing this limit.

Can I add Videos and Flash to my PopSlice site?
Yes you can. Full instructions here.

Can I add background images to my site?
Yes you can. In fact, we encourage background images. It gives your site extra-personality.

Please confirm, do PopSlice developers really wear fancy-pants?
Yes they do. Seriously, how else would they be able to come up with our fancy-pants technology?

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