About PopSlice. Simplicity is our secret sauce.

We spill the beans on who we are, and our goal to have your own website live in 5 minutes or less.

What is PopSlice all about?
For close to two years and thousands of users, we've made it easy to quickly build an easy-on-the-eyes web site with no coding necessary. Our job at PopSlice is to make building and maintaining websites a no sweat propopsition.

Who's behind PopSlice?
We're a couple of user interface designers: John McConnico & Wes Garcia. Besides PopSlice, we own a UI/UX design firm: SemiBig Creative Industries. We've worked with Apple, Cisco and Intuit to name drop a few companies. Our studio is located in Oakland, California. We're obsessed with user interface and experience. We work with everyone from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

Why should I pick PopSlice?
Effortless simplicity. Besides easy-on-the-eyes designs, we believe simplicity is our secret sauce. If you have all of your content ready (images and copy), you can have your PopSlice site live in less than 5 minutes. We get that time is important to our customers. Why should anyone be frustrated by software? A PopSlice site is also easy to maintain and keep updated.

What if I need help on deciding which plan works best for me?
We love helping people choose the right PopSlice plan. Feel free to give us a call at 510-900-9240. Except for holidays, we're open Monday through Saturday 10am to 5pm - Pacific Time Zone.

Why should I use PopSlice for building my website and not create my own from scratch?
If someone has the time or skill —by all means they should create their own site or hire the best web designer they can afford. But first they should ask themselves, "Do I have the time to do it myself? Do I have the money and patience to hire someone?" It always, and I mean always, takes longer than you think. So, go ahead and build that custom site. But while you're waiting, would it hurt you to put up a PopSlice site? With plans starting at $9.99, our accountant says you can afford it.

What do you have under the hood?
Popslice.com is propelled by PopSlice the application. Hosting wise – we're serious about reliability and security. PopSlice is hosted on the Rackspace Cloud, an industry leader in hosting technology. Never go down, with Rackspace, our average uptime is around 99.99%.

Will PopSlice really make my pixels prettier?
Yes. In fact, we're going to make your pixels feel like they fell out the pretty tree and hit every pretty branch on the way down.